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How the Challenge Works?

The FIT FEB challenge has been designed to
maximise fat loss and increase overall fitness in 42 days
During the challenge you will receive two InBody scans to track your progress, have access to all of NYF’s circuit & strength classes as well as being guided through ketosis using the app “MyFitnessPal”.

What is It?

First InBody Scan

Everyone signed up will have their first scan done by the team at InBody.This will be your starting point so keep this info safe,You may also want to take photos (front, side and back profile) completely up to you,Scans must be done to enter challenge.

Day 1-14

By far the most demanding part of the challenge. Your body will enter into a state of ketosis priming it for optimal weight loss and improved performance. This phase is crucial to you reaching your goals, so hang in their team it will get better I promise!

Day 14-29

The remainder of this challenge will be where your self-determination and ability to stay on the course will come to the forefront. Using your “MyFitnessPal” app to record your daily caloric number (DCN) In this phase you can expect to continue to lose weight and increase your overall performance. The weight that is lost here should be sustainable long term and put you in a position to take your fitness to the next level.

Final InBody Scan

Sunday 28th October. Everyone will have their final scans done .

I’ve never worked harder or felt such a sense of achievement as I have being trained by Matt at New You Fitness.

Angela P.

I have been training with Matt for almost 3 years now. Awesome coach and always coming up with new ways to train. The new facility is a great place to train in a great location and would highly recommend it to anyone considering trying it out!

Shane D.

Matt helped me build a new body from (almost) scratch. He is a great and encouraging coach for any fitness level.

Yoshi S.

Absolutely love New You Fitness! Matt’s programming and his dedication to his clients is phenomenal. Matt is a great trainer that will push you to your limits and beyond.

Angela W.

What You Get

1) Two InBody scans. Initial scan to take place on the 2nd of Feb at NYF as your starting point. Second scan to take place on 29th of Feb at the end of the 6 week challenge. All participants MUST have their scans done.
2) Unlimited access to all of our circuit and strength classes.
3) Nutritional support throughout the challenge
4) Daily workouts for you to do posted on the members’ Facebook page (if you are unable to make class that day).
5) Chance to win some awesome prizes and be a part of the amazing team at NYF.
6) A significantly improved physique and greater quality of life


You can win the NYF challenge by losing the most fat to weight ratio when comparing your before and after InBody scans. You can also win the challenge by collecting points through being punctual to class and completing other tasks. What are the prizes?

1st place (weight loss)
1 Months free training at NYF
NYF training singlet

2nd place (weight loss)
1 Months free training at NYF
NYF training singlet

1st place (points recruited)
1 Months free training at NYF
NYF training singlet

2nd place (points recruited)
1 months free training at NYF
NYF training singlet

How Do I Win?

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